thats a little portfolio for scoring a fantasy game and more...


 For instance the music can work so ...


Dark riders stormed the house of Nanoc / smashed
him with many strokes to the ground into consciousness / kidnapped
his one son "Nokya" ...


Next morning he realized what happened and suffered pain / Nanoc,
honest, calm becomes something like an daredevil / his journey begins
to recover his son - he detected a trail ...


Mystical venue.mp3
His journey is tough and he also had to pass through a dark and wiked
cave / his hope to find the exit begins to dissolve / shortly before desperate,
Nonocs dead wife appears in a shape of light and tells him the
truth about Nokya / with new hope he recovered his power and continued his way ...


Chronicles of an Hero.mp3
The exit is near / the hero sees the light from outside / kingdom
Lorandia is near / he quicked his pace to come nearer his son - the true
heir of this kingdom ...


... can you imagine? Or have you got another story to tell? ...