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Das Sprichwörtliche Glück / Proverbial Luck / Suerte Proverbial - 2016
Many Awards and also Best SOUNDTRACK!
komponisten Award

anima indomabile

Hollywood Investigator  - Preis aus Übersee !!! :-)
(2014) Mirko Rizzello wins for  *** Best Music Soundtrack ***

best soundtrack - psychic sue

Its music sets the mood from the opening credits. A simple melody of ethereal
whimsy, informing viewers that what follows will be spooky but amusing.
And it maintains that emotional tone through the length of Psychic Sue, supporting
the events onscreen while softening the rough edges of a delightful, but obviously
low-budget, piece of fluff. Other films had music as good, but no music did more
to support the film.

***  Best Comedic Horror Short: Psychic Sue ***
Fake psychic Sue (Andrea Coyne) is visited by the ghost of Andy (Joseph Stacey), a former lover. Andy suggests that Sue find a real psychic so they can communicate more clearly, as it's both difficult and expensive to communicate with unbelievers from the afterlife, and he's running out of change. Sue goes to real psychic Zoe (Sarah Agha) for Andy's message, but alas, the news isn't good...

* * * Filmpreis * * *
Filmpreis - Audience Award
(2011)  Filmpreis Audience Award für:
Der Mieter - The Tenant (2010)
Ein Film von Dave Lojek

* * * ERSTEN PREIS * * * 

Unser Film "The heels have eyes" (2011) hat den
beim ersten Hanauer Jugendkurzfilmfestival "Jung und Abgedreht" gewonnen.
Die Trophähe, einen Glaspokal, findet ihr als Foto anbei.
Vielen Dank an euch alle für die Mitarbeit an dem Film!
Liebe Grüße und weiterhin gute Filme wünscht
Christian Raab
weitere infos zu Triff den Raab hier

INTERVIEW in "The Audiospotlight"
Tell us a little about yourself and what you do for a living?
First of all thanks for the opportunity for this interview. I was born and live in Berlin, Germany and have a multicultural background. As long I remember I was interested in music. 18 years ago my first serious encounter with music was as I began play drums in a band. Still now I always...
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FEELINGS -  A cooperation with Denis Simonet (Swiss).
This song arose a few years ago when I fell in love and the girl was unsure about a relationship. It is kind of slower than the first cooperation with MG-Rizzello but I like it very much - again he did a great job!

Conceptual Album - TRONIC -  * * * FREE Jamendo release * * *
TRONIC Yourney into Cyberspace
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Nanoc the Hero
Here is Link of a complete Theme for a Fantasy Game!

(2010) Zusammenarbeit mit dem
Action Verlag 
Beteiligung an Hörbücher (Muikalische Untermalung).
Erhältlich u.a. bei

"Schattenland - Jäger der Kuppelstadt"