Conceptual Album - Tronic


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This album is about the relationship between human and technology.
Therefore you hear much electronic, sound design, orchestral, acoustic elements rock and ethnics...
It sounds like epic- score - film music - that`s what I am living for ;-)
I like to play with different styles of music and instruments. This is a conceptual album, that means that they belong together and you have to hear it without gaps.
It takes you away to another place. It takes you deep into the world of Tronic and back to your own reality.
Maybe it inspires you to tell your own story in your imagination...
I hope you enjoy this jamendo release and I am happy about comments and critics.




Orchestral, Epic, Electro, Rock, Sound Design, Ethnic, Ambient
Release Date:
7th January 2012
Released at:
Bandcamp and Jamendo
"cover design by J Fixbi" 

01. Tronical Prelude
02. From Ashes
03. Prepare the Journey
04. Inwardly
05. Get me In
06. Come to Foreign Land
07. Ritus
08. Shutdown
09. Deinstalling Memories
10. System Startup
11. Rebuild your Soul
12. Do not look back
13. Outro

Inspired by:
deus ex,matrix, cyberpunk,cyberspace,fantasy,science fiction,score,orchetral,moog,synthesizer,gaming,film music, filmmusik,hans zimmer,michael mc kenn,augmented reality,virtual reality,tron and many more