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Imagefilm and Commercials

Imagefilm / Commercials / Musik / Kompositionen / Lizenzfrei Musik / Musik für Media / FilmMusic / Composing / Library Music / Orchestral / Hybrid / Trailer / Original Score / Emotional 

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Hi Res Digicopter Drone-Videos. Great work Nikolaj and Team! Track used: "Hard Rockn Funsport by MG-Rizzello"

PILOT: Martin Rinderknecht
Kamera / Schnitt : Nikolaj Georgiew, BvK
Gedreht auf GH4 / PANASONIC
Music: MG Rizzello

Epic Digicopter Sky-Images, great work Nikolaj and Team! Track 1 and 3 not MG-Music ;-)

Konstruktion / Pilot : Martin Rinderknecht
Kamera / Schnitt : Nikolaj Georgiew

DIGImove, PANASONIC, GH3-GH-3, GH-4, GH4, Blackmagic, RED Dragon


(2015) ANIMA INDOMABILE - Abarth 2015 - Zooppa contest "Performance is a State of Mind"Scritto e diretto da Giacomo Cagnetti e Rovero Impiglia
Con | Roberto Catalini
Voce | Luca Violini
Musica originale | Mirko Rizzello

(2011) Award winning commercial in Contest at
Film by Giacomo Cagnetti - Incubi da Bolletta?

Titolo: Incubi da bolletta? Soggetto: Giacomo Cagnetti, Michele Welke, Beatrice Cupido Attori: Michele Welke, Beatrice Cupido, Mirko Pignotti, Filippo Rosati, Claudia Consorti Musiche: MG Rizzello; Dark epic trailer; Epical moments Surround; Idiot song "powered by JAMENDO" Regia: Giacomo Cagnetti Lo spot "Incubi da bolletta" si è aggiudicato il 1° premio della giuria e il 1° premio della community nel contest BancoPosta Click 2011 - Filmed with Canon 5d Mark II Zeiss, Canon, Leica lenses

Continental Laufevent in 2012. Ein Film von Nikolaj Georgiew. Digicopter-flüge inclusive!

MG Musik verwendet! Aus Librarymusik und Auftragsproduktion!

LG Kompressor Follow me - 2012 A Vacuum Odyssey (2001 A space odyssey parody) 

Cast Franco Capparucci Screenplay Giacomo Cagnetti, Rovero Impiglia DOP Giacomo Cagnetti Music arranged by Mirko Rizzello Editing and post-production Giacomo Cagnetti, Rovero Impiglia Directed by Giacomo Cagnetti, Rovero Impiglia Thanks to Traini & Vallorani Marconi Elettrodomestici

Friskies - Buono per il gatto... buono per l'ambiente. "Il capo".

DOP Giacomo Cagnetti Musica Mirko Rizzello Speaker Luigi Manfredi Montaggio e post-produzione Giacomo Cagnetti, Rovero Impiglia Regia Giacomo Cagnetti, Rovero Impiglia


Film: Sören Helbing
The animation portrays the biblical Genesis as simple and aesthetic as possible.

Music: Mirko Rizzello (based upon "Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathys Song (Victoria mix by VNV Nation)" )

Calibre de Cartier_ 1904 MC animation with Music

I´ve had an inspiration... Have made music for this brillant animation! It is not the original music - I replaced it. It was one of my first music I did for motion picture! It was a exercise!

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