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This is a new category for me. But these games should be mentioned here...



Ziggurat is a dungeon crawling FPS, with procedurally generated scenarios and encounters. You’ll face dozens of treacherous enemies while you find new and powerful spells, and learn helpful perks in your quest to overcome this deadly test
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Youtube Playlist Ziggurat

See the Gameplay

See the tons of YT Vids of Let´s Plays and reviews! Most of my Music was used in this Game!
See Walkthroughs and Gameplays on Youtube!

Milkstone Studios

Milkstone Studios

Thanks to this Studio using most of my Music in that Game.
Also mentioned they renewed the CC License to commercial purpose.
The Soundtrack is available for free as download!


Available at  many platforms

The Soundtrack is available for free as download!

Truth Untold

Crow Tree Entertainment
 "Truth Untold" 

This Game is still in development. But I did a Music Suite for all the Characters in that Novel Game! A lot of Piano, emotions and Solo Strings.
Soundtrack is also in mind... :-)

Crow Tree Entertainment

A new Colaboration

Crow Tree Entertainment LLC, was started by two girls over a cup of coffee and a mutual love for Jane Austen! We focus on choice-driven, narrative-heavy visual novels. Our first game (Truths Untold) is set in Regency-era England, however, we love sci-fi, fantasy, and history so who knows where our imaginations will take us next!

Truth Untold

Truths Untold - A interactive Novel Game

The Fernside's have a family secret. And when Miss Fernside and her family come home from a sudden trip abroad, they return to a vastly changed social landscape. In their absence, rumors of the most vile kind have spread about Miss Fernside. Her innocence could easily be proven, but ...

Miss Fernside

Miss Fernside

The daughter of one of the most prominent families in Davenbury. Beloved for her beauty, spirit, and wit, now that circumstances have changed, you help to shape her personality and how she navigates the challenges ahead.


Mr Guy Linfield

Childhood friend, and Miss Fernside's first love, Guy Linfield, inherited the neighboring estate, Halbridge, after the unexpected passing of his father and elder brother a few years ago. Having been separated for a year, while Miss Fernside traveled abroad, and now, with new social pressures placed upon both Guy and Miss Fernside, how will the change in prospects affect their relationship?


Mr Worthington

A loyal family friend and longtime companion to the Fernsides, Mr. Worthington, spent much of his life in trade before settling in Davenbury. His father sold off the family business a decade ago and bought the entailment to the long, empty Chalton Manor. His father, dying not long after, left to Mr. Worthington the manor house, and life as landed gentry. However, the idleness of a country gentleman has never come naturally to Mr. Worthington, even after all these years.


Cpt. Hugh Sinclaire

Ashore on half-pay, and awaiting a new commission, Cpt. Sinclair is the guest of Miss Fernside's cousin, Ludlow. Since his arrival, his name has been on the lips of every gossip in town, rivaling even Miss Fernside's as a favorite topic of discussion. But with the Captian's easy charm and playful smile, he has never had a problem ingratiating himself into any society he finds himself in. And Davenbury seems to be no exception.

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