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Imagefilm and Commercials

Imagefilm / Commercials / Musik / Kompositionen / Lizenzfrei Musik / Musik für Media / FilmMusic / Composing / Library Music / Orchestral / Hybrid / Trailer / Original Score / Emotional 

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Quick Musicproduktion for Shared Vehicle Electric Native

SVEN ist der elementare Bestandteil unseres Geschäftsmodells. SVEN ist ein reines Elektrofahrzeug, das für die Mobilität in der Stadt entwickelt wurde, insbesondere Carsharing und Flotten.
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Hi Res Digicopter Drone-Videos. Great work Nikolaj and Team! Track used: "Hard Rockn Funsport by MG-Rizzello"

PILOT: Martin Rinderknecht
Kamera / Schnitt : Nikolaj Georgiew, BvK
Gedreht auf GH4 / PANASONIC
Music: MG Rizzello

Epic Digicopter Sky-Images, great work Nikolaj and Team! Track 1 and 3 not MG-Music ;-)

Konstruktion / Pilot : Martin Rinderknecht
Kamera / Schnitt : Nikolaj Georgiew

DIGImove, PANASONIC, GH3-GH-3, GH-4, GH4, Blackmagic, RED Dragon


(2015) ANIMA INDOMABILE - Abarth 2015 - Zooppa contest "Performance is a State of Mind"Scritto e diretto da Giacomo Cagnetti e Rovero Impiglia
Con | Roberto Catalini
Voce | Luca Violini
Musica originale | Mirko Rizzello

(2011) Award winning commercial in Contest at
Film by Giacomo Cagnetti - Incubi da Bolletta?

Titolo: Incubi da bolletta? Soggetto: Giacomo Cagnetti, Michele Welke, Beatrice Cupido Attori: Michele Welke, Beatrice Cupido, Mirko Pignotti, Filippo Rosati, Claudia Consorti Musiche: MG Rizzello; Dark epic trailer; Epical moments Surround; Idiot song "powered by JAMENDO" Regia: Giacomo Cagnetti Lo spot "Incubi da bolletta" si è aggiudicato il 1° premio della giuria e il 1° premio della community nel contest BancoPosta Click 2011 - Filmed with Canon 5d Mark II Zeiss, Canon, Leica lenses

LG Kompressor Follow me - 2012 A Vacuum Odyssey (2001 A space odyssey parody) 

Cast Franco Capparucci Screenplay Giacomo Cagnetti, Rovero Impiglia DOP Giacomo Cagnetti Music arranged by Mirko Rizzello Editing and post-production Giacomo Cagnetti, Rovero Impiglia Directed by Giacomo Cagnetti, Rovero Impiglia Thanks to Traini & Vallorani Marconi Elettrodomestici

Friskies - Buono per il gatto... buono per l'ambiente. "Il capo".

DOP Giacomo Cagnetti Musica Mirko Rizzello Speaker Luigi Manfredi Montaggio e post-produzione Giacomo Cagnetti, Rovero Impiglia Regia Giacomo Cagnetti, Rovero Impiglia


Film: Sören Helbing
The animation portrays the biblical Genesis as simple and aesthetic as possible.

Music: Mirko Rizzello (based upon "Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathys Song (Victoria mix by VNV Nation)" )

Calibre de Cartier_ 1904 MC animation with Music

I´ve had an inspiration... Have made music for this brillant animation! It is not the original music - I replaced it. It was one of my first music I did for motion picture! It was a exercise!

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