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Kurzfilm / Shorts

Musik / Kompositionen / Lizenzfrei Musik / Musik für Media / Film
Music / Composing / Library Music / Orchestral / Hybrid / Trailer / Original Score

Hier sind einige Kurzfilme zu sehen, welche ich musikalisch mitgewirkt habe!
See some of my Shorts which I was involved with my music!
Apeiron Film (Dave) and MG-Music collaborations PDF


JULIENNE D‘AMPOULES  - FR 2024 Shortfilm

fantasy · short comedy · 5:30 minutes · 25 fps · aspect 16:9 · 4K · stereo · French dialogue

Cool conjuring contest connects crazy couple.

In a magicians’ private stand-off, two practitioners must brave tricky challenges to demon-strate a hidden ability. They conjure animal illusions and face the choice between antagonism and friendship.

Two rival magicians, François and Isabelle, engage in a private competition to showcase their mastery of illusion. From transmogrifying animals, they switch to devouring light bulbs. As the exercises intensify, will their obsession with outdoing each other lead to their downfall, or will they uncover the true magic of cooperation?

The Shaky Zone

The Shakycam Zone (2024)

A Short Film by Anthony Straeger
RAV returns for this second instalment, ready to tackle another director and their artistic chaos in THE SHAKYCAM ZONE. Our story continues from THE REALISTIC PROJECT, delving into a facet that often makes viewers queasy.....
Check the Original Site

Director – D. Robert Errey

Director – D. Robert Errey 


Rav – O’neil Sharma
Director – D. Robert Errey
Narrator – Martin Bacher
Sound Engineer – Oleg Karpenko
Singer – Anthony Straeger

Narrator – Martin Bacher

Narrator – Martin Bacher 


Writer & Director – Anthony Straeger
1st AD – Alex Pfander
DOP – Philippe Rives
2nd Camera – Gianluca Bonifazi

Sound & Mix – Patrick Dueren
Music – Mirko Rizzello
Theme Song – Klaus Pfreundner
Stills – Philippe Rives

Rav – O’neil Sharma

Rav – O’neil Sharma 

Logline: When a director’s love for shaky handheld shots creates motion sickness in his actor, a battle of artistic vision ensues, but who will win?

Synopsis: The nerve-jangling nausea produced by shaky camera shots creates tension and artistic confrontation between the director and his actor. As they meet face-off, their differences blur the lines between reality and filmmaking fantasy as they explore the impact of creative choices on the actors and audience alike.


When Grief Meets Hope.
Following the tragic loss of a beloved companion, Barbara must overcome her depression with the support of her best friend Klara and husband Torsten.

A Film by Dave Lojek

Shell-shocked Barbara must face up to the loss of a dear companion after a tragic accident. Her best friend Klara and husband Torsten devise a plan to thaw Barbara's heart, after she reminisces about the incident, the funeral, and happier times. Will she agree to the suggestions of her nearest and dearest? Can grief turn into hope?


Rachel Sidiropoulou
Andrea Dietrich
Carsten Behnert

Drehbuchautor · Screenwriter:
John Alexander Fraser

Kameramann · cinematographer:
Odysseas Johannes Hlepas

Barbara und Torsten

director · producer · editor · distributor:
Dave Lojek

Komponist · composer (original score):
Mirko Rizzello


EGGspression - GER 2023 Shortfilm

romantic comedy, art film, experiment, ritual  /  5:30 minutes  /  25fps  / 4K + Full HD  / no dialogue
directed by Dave Lojek  / Germany 2023  / produced by APEIRON FILMS
Egglantine: Rachel Sidiropoulou
Eggbert: Carsten Behnert
5 Festivals

EN: Egglantine loves salt on her eggs. Eggbert prefers pepper. Who blinks first in this playful Easter ritual?

DE: Egglantine mag Salz auf ihren Eiern. Eggbert präferiert Pfeffer. Wer blinzelt bei diesem verspielten Osterritual zuerst?

IT: Egglantine ama il sale sulle sue uova. Eggbert preferisce il pepe. Chi sbatte le palpebre per primo in questo giocoso rituale pasquale?


The Realistic Project  (2023)

The Realistic Project is based on research regarding complaints made against films and TV companies. Despite the quality of today’s editing, grading and sound equipment, over the last decade, complaints have increased. The main culprits that have been cited include NetFlix, Amazon, BBC, Stan and many others. These complaints are often about the same four things...


A Film by Anthony Straeger

1 – Mumbling and Growling Actors
2 – Loud Music & Soundscape
3 – Dark Grading

More infos here at this SIte:
or at here at

Short Film

Private Screeing 13.3.23

yesterday's private 📽️ screening in Berlin Friedrichshain of “The Realistic Project“ was very nice. Good German beer, great group and I met nice people! Above all, the short film was very well received! Thanks to Anthony Straeger...


The Realistic Project (TRP)

Rav – O’neil Sharma
Tom – Anthony Straeger
The Director – Joshua van’t Hoff
Assistant Director – Viktoria Ngotsé
Ukrainian Dubb – Oleg Karpenko
German Dubb – David Brand
Italian Dubb – Sara Crusi

Writer & Producer – Anthony Straeger
Director – Alex Pfander
Assistant Director – Tor Neilsen
Director of Photography – Philippe Rive
Sound – Marco Puerto
VO Sound – Reinier van der Veer
Music – Mirko Rizzello
Stills – Philippe Rive 



Science Fiction Drama · Minimalist Hologram · 4:47 minutes · English
Germany + Ireland 2023
Sam: João Paulo Albuquerque
Joy: Saskia Corleis

EN: Brazilian mission commander Sam struggles with establishing a stable connection from earth to his lover. German scientist Joy explores planet Kepler 452b at her research facility for Alchemy Plasma, a revolutionary energy source. Their long-distance relationship faces doom, when alien Dardesh invaders attack the human outpost, 1400 light years away.

DE: Der brasilianische Missionskommandant Sam kämpft damit, eine stabile Verbindung von der Erde zu seiner Frau herzustellen. Die deutsche Wissenschaftlerin Joy erkundet den Planeten Kepler 452b in ihrer Forschungseinrichtung für Alchemy Plasma, eine revolutionäre Energiequelle. Ihre Fernbeziehung steht vor dem Untergang, als außerirdische Dardesh-Invasoren den 1400 Lichtjahre entfernten Außenposten der Menschen angreifen.


Don´t lose your Face (2022)

Horror Short


A Film by Ezra Tsegaye

Despite the contact ban, Ben terrorizes his ex-girlfriend Marta. In order to be closer to her, he even begins an affair with her best friend, who is struggling with her bad conscience. A toxic love triangle in which one of the three is bound to lose face... coming soon.

Dont Lose your Face

With Natalia Witmer, Nicolás Artajo and Lea Müller. Music composed by Mirko Rizzello.

Ezra Tsegaye

Nice Images by Ezra Tsegaye

Meanwhile a friend of mine, Ezra did an amazing Job on this Horror Short! I contributed the Music for this short film.



miniature mood observation, art film, experiment · 3:50 min
directed by Dave Lojek · Finland & Germany 2022 · APEIRON FILMS
starring: Eveliina Puustinen / screenplay: John Alexander Fraser / cinematographer: Benjamin Bouillé  / drone pilot: Jonathan Moy de Vitryart / directors: Maya & Nipsu Nipsulainen / composer: Mirko Rizzello
26 Aestivals / 3 Awards
EN: Helen suffers from a rare fear of chalk. One day she feels encroached by several chalk figures in Helsinki and decides to confront her fear. In the Amos Rex museum, she discovers the works of Keith Haring and adapts his style to her needs for catharsis.

DE: Helen leidet unter einer seltenen Angst vor Kreide. Eines Tages fühlt sie sich in Helsinki von mehreren Kreidefiguren angegriffen und beschließt, sich ihrer Angst zu stellen. Im Amos-Rex-Museum entdeckt sie die Werke von Keith Haring und passt seinen Stil an ihre Katharsis-Bedürfnisse an.

FI:Helen kärsii harvinaisesta liidun pelosta. Eräänä päivänä Helsingissä useat liituhahmot tunkeutuvat hänen elämäänsä ja hän päättää kohdata pelkonsa. Amos Rex -museossa hän löytää Keith Haringin töitä ja mukauttaa hänen tyyliään katarsistarpeisiinsa.

Occurrences of Questionable Significance:

Poland + Germany 2020 | 9 min | Fiction | Absurd Comedy | fantasy language | cinemascope | color | stereo

EN: When forest animals invade our cities, the world is in disarray. Office fox Fiona struggles with her phone addiction. Will she succumb to it? Temperamental bunny Barbara only gives her stag sugar daddy Nestor his special massage, after he dines her and plays the big spender.
This obscure short pinpoints postmodern tropes of consumerism, eroticism, and art with an homage to the theater stage and references to literature. The film uses a fantasy language and needs no subtitles.

2019 SCORE THIS: Constellations / 8DIO Challenge

Check this amazing Video made for the Challenge on 8Dios Site.
I was not the Winner, but it was fun and challenging.
Check here my entry on youtube!

For more infos and winner check 8dios site!


2018/2019 Wrapped by MG-Rizzello - Scoring Demo BIFSC

>>>> MY ENTRY (Just for educational purpose, Password is "GCN") <<<<
The Music and Sound Design for the Film “Wrapped” are created for the Berlin International Film Scoring and Sound Design Competition ( and they are not part of the original version of the Film.

Link to the original version of the film:

"The Storm" Teaser /Trailer for upcoming Shortfilm (TBA 2018)

Director: Adrián Tejero
Written by Hubertus Geller
Hubertus Geller - Wulfgar
Morad Azzaaoui - Tamril
Alexander Wolf - Gibli
Music: MG Rizzello
Narrator: Anthony Straeger
Fotos: Hardy Krönert -

See Full Short!

Director: Adrián Tejero
Written by Hubertus Geller
Music: MG Rizzello
Narrator: Anthony Straeger
Camera Assistant: Roger Trejo
Sound Department: Miguel Cabrera
Costume Designs: José Herrera / Carolyn Pike
Makeup Artist: José Bethancor 
Hubertus Geller
Morad Azzaaoui
Alexander Wolf


Another AWARD for this Short: Best Score ;-) !!
See the Teaser from this sci-fi short! Now going to festivals...
After doing some research for another project on suicide, I came across a series of
real suicide notes and found them interesting. The one that got me thinking was: "I came
from the future. Don't go there." 

Starring - Viktor Weinberg
Regie - Dave Lojek
Autor - Anthony Straeger
Drehbuch - Anthony Straeger
Produzent - Aperon Films & Quid In Shrapnel Productions
Music - Mirko Rizzello

Achtung Frau!
Watch out: Wife! (2017)

Manuela receives an unexpected visit: Petra, the wife of her lover. Manuela, secretly a lethal master of Kung Fu, prepares herself for a bloody fight, while Petra has to deal with another kind of problem: rarely has she seen such a messy fruit bowl!
Produced by Vincenza Production
Die Volle Teambesetzung! Ja, ein kurzer Film und viele sind damit beschäftigt ;-) bitte:
Produktion - Natascha Vincenza / Eva Maria Kölling 
Co-Produktion/Catering - Wolfgang Reeb
Regie - Stefanie Spachmann 
Drehbuch/Regie-Assistenz - Jasmina Wesolowski 
Script/Continuity - Julia Schnorrer 
Kamera - Oliver Guss
Kamera-Assistenz - Martin Mahling
1. Beleuchter - Sebastian
2. Beleuchter - Jakob Klapprott
Filmtonmeister - Konstantin Rall 
Ausstattung/ Requisite - Vera Thöndel
Kostüm - Andreina Vieira dos Santos
Maske - Tatiana Ramikh
Schnitt-  Marisol B. Lima
Sounddesign - Thomas Werner
Komponist - Mirko Rizello 

Das Sprichwörtliche Glück / Proverbial Luck / Suerte Proverbial - 2016

Idiome garnieren unsere Sprache, sind aber mitunter schwer zu übersetzen. Diese Komödie hilft beim
Bebildern und erzählt von zwei Nachbarn, die Gefühle entwickeln. Nachdem der Schaumschläger ... 
See the PDF-List of Awards and Festivals (117 so far...:-)

Psychic Sue - 2013
12:50 min (English)

>>> (2014) AWARD !!! Best Comedic Horror Short und Best Music Soundtrack <<<
"Speak not, for I am nearing the threshold of the worlds!"
Sue works as psychic to prey on believers in the afterlife. Her show has some flaws. Imagine her shock when she discovers that ghosts can indeed appear to the living! Time to consult a "real" medium!
Awardwinning short by Dave Lojek

Breaking the Zone

Upcoming Documentary about Tschernobyl. Premiere in March 2017.
What’s the movie about?
On the 26th of April 2016 the Chernobyl catastrophe happened exactly 30 years ago. Since the tragedy in 1986, a whole new generation of people was born and raised. This new generation has been fed with information, which, over time ...
Leider ist es mit diesem Team nur zur Trailermusik gekommen, aber immerhin ein Interview und der Trailer wurde im deutschen TV gezeigt!

Sophie Stallegger - Stilles Wasser / Kinokabaret in Berlin 2012 

The film oscillates between visuals and music and offers new perspectives on a common substance.
The Berlin river Spree reflects the endless possibilities of our perception, combined with a soundtrack composed by Mirko Rizello especially for this suppose. Enjoy the abstract combination of light, movement and reflexion.
Director of Photography, Director, Editing: Sophie Stallegger
Music: Mirko Rizzello

ZOMBIES KinoKabaret Berlin 2010 - Invitation Trailer (Redux)

One of my first Music for the Kinoberlino invitation Trailer.
They came from below with a hunger for movies. They are brain dead. When zombies grab their cameras, no cliché remains unscathed. Contagion Kino! Whole continents are infected in a jiffy with the filmmaking virus.

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